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My name is Frank Tally and I’m proud to welcome to you to Brooklyn Heating and Gas.

I began this company in order to provide the best possible heating and gas service to residents of Vancouver and the surrounding area. I have spent many years as a tradesman and know that customers want, demand and deserve high quality and reliable service. I started Brooklyn Heating and Gas to fulfill that need.

I am a Steamfitter, Pipe fitter, Gasfitter and Power Engineer by trade. I have spent over 20 years in the heating and gas industry, and have expertise in installations, appliance piping, boilers, and gas piping. Whatever a person’s heating and gas need might be, whether it’s a huge industrial plant or a single family home, there is nothing Brooklyn Heating and Gas hasn’t done, can’t do or won’t do.

In addition to my extensive experience working in the trades as a skilled labourer, I have also been a safety officer, over-seeing hundreds of workers in various capacities and functions, troubleshooting problems before they happen. Beyond making sure the job is done right, it is at the core of what I do to make sure it is done with the utmost care and safety. Mitigating and preventing risk is always job one.

I am a certified construction safety officer, steam fitter-pipefitter, power engineer, gas contractor, and hold a Class B Gas Fitter certification. I am currently in the process of completing the requirements to achieve my Class A Gas Fitter ticket.

My certifications and my experience define my capabilities and my passion and customer service defines my work ethic and my company’s philosophy.

Bottom line: It’s all about you. Our business is not about moving “product.” It’s about solving your problems, and making you happy. That’s why, I personally ensure you are satisfied with Brooklyn Heating and Gas’s work, and that every job, no matter the size, is completed to the right standard – your standard.

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