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Brooklyn Heating and Gas

Brooklyn Heating and Gas takes its name from the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. One of the oldest suspension bridges in the U.S. and the longest in the world when it was built, the Brooklyn Bridge has been a symbol of optimism and engineering excellence for more than 130 years.

Brooklyn Heating and Gas brings the same standard of excellence to every job it undertakes, whether it’s in the residential, commercial or industrial sector. We bridge the gap between understanding your unique needs and making sure our job is completed to your utmost satisfaction every time. Guaranteed.

Contractor assistance is another Brooklyn Heating and Gas specialty. If a contractor is short on skilled labour or time, our team can step in seamlessly to take care of the heating and gas component of a build. Depending on a contractor’s needs, we can start a job, lend a hand with a work-in-progress, or see the project through to completion.